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Le Grutè 😹 #guettogym
Everything scramble plus ice coconut coffee
Late breakfast (at
@angiearenaa mira, mi primer selfie en el cuarto del @chucuanfotografo 😹
Luna/Bob/Artemis pet sitting
Nuevo video mañana! Hamburguesas de quinoa y pescado 👌👨 (at
Yo no tengo joyería, pero hoy estoy perforando en @lasttemptationtattooshop por si gustan ✌️👨 (at Last Temptation Tattoo Shop)


Egg/quinoa scramble 👌 (at
Decompressing dinner. If you are out of the loop, Tia Juana got broken into last night. Everything work related was stolen. It’s a crazy situation, because somehow the security camera “broke” just 2 days ago, there was one busted lock, a metal gate and a wood door with 2 locks kicked in and no one heard a thing. Someone security missed it too. These guys took their time and were very selective about what they stole. We all lost everything we work with. All my jewelry was stolen, including over a hundred septum clickers from @namasteadornments also a huge stock of @industrialstrength that I had left from the sponsorship for my classes and all the jewelry I had just ordered from BioMetal. Anyhow, we are all starting from scratch now but we are staying positive about this ✌️👨 (at Tia Juana Tattoo)
I’m a different kind of beaner ✌️👨
Yo lo hice 😬
Omelette con espinaca, cebolla y champiñones, servido con papas y carne. Video de la preparación en un rato más! #toomuchonmyplate  (at