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Body piercer at Tia Juana Tattoos and rep for Namaste Adornments.

Nutrition, health and fitness. Gluten free and clean eating. Crossfit, lifting, running and the occasional yoga.

I post my own food and fitness photos here but they get lost in the middle of other peoples awesome post reblogs. If you care to find out more about me, my meals, workouts and work as a body piercer, check out my website.


Miss my bike
#nofilter #whelie #fixie #fixedgear #bike #zlog #seattle
Somehow I manage to eat pancakes everyday and still keep in interesting
Since I installed a timer app I got to take a photo of my back. My back has never looked like this before, I’m happily surprised 💪
This has made me love Mondays. Street markets are an ancient tradition long before this land was known as Mexico. No one will accept cacao shells as currency now though 😬